Welcome to a place where fitness is fun and empowering! Have a blast while building the body that allows you to live your best life!

At Empowered Fitness we’re about making meaningful connections, growing together and embracing the practical ways of achieving our health goals FOR GOOD!

We have the most down to earth, supportive group of women and we can’t wait to have you as part of our community!

Discover our range of group classes and PT packages designed to kickstart a healthier you! If you need inspiration for your nutrition & overall health, you’re in the right place for that too. We absolutely love all things holistic health! So, if you’re more serious about creating change we have the 8 week Empowered Wellness program that you’ll love!

Whatever it is you need, don’t risk procrastinating. I’d love to hear from you today to see how we can help.


About Us

About Us

Meet our team

Susan Duncan


My name is Susan, owner. head coach and crazy lady behind this special little gym.

I’m a lover of all things “functional fitness”, outdoors, adventure, connecting with like minded people and dogs (you’ll probably get a noisey welcome from my “Mak” at the gym at some point)

It’s my absolute passion helping women in our community to live their best lives through the many benefits of functional training in a group environment.

It makes my heart so full on the daily being able to provide fresh workouts that get our members fitter, stronger and more agile so they can tackle all things in their daily lives like an absolute BOSS!

What I’ve learnt over the years is that if we enjoy this process with more emphasis on what our bodies can do, weight loss or weight management organically happens too.

I can’t wait to meet you and introduce to the fun and sense of connectedness at Empowered Fitness.


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From humble

From humble

This place and these people give me a sense of purpose and pride every single day!

It was 2018 I left the busy roads of Auckland to come and make a better life for myself in The Mount. At this point I had a few years managing gyms and was transitioning to self employment as a PT under my belt. This all served me well as when I moved to the Mount it became evident working in standard gyms was no longer for me.

Helping more women AND doing that in an environment that fostered connections and a love of fitness rather than reflections and head phones became my mission! Blessed with a home in the heart of Papamoa with the perfect layout, I was able to start building this dream with a home studio. Small classes once a day didn’t last for long. It became evident we were onto something special and before we knew it, the street was lined with cars 4 times a day and I was becoming increasingly less popular with my neighbours as months went by.

Early 2020 we moved to our great new space not far from home (not far from all of our homes in fact). Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021 the MBL community continues to grow. My mission remains the same as 2018. To help as many women as possible to improve their health through functional fitness, mentally and physically!

Don’t be shy! Come and get amongst it!

Yours in health, Susan x




Loving my mums fitness classes here, tailored specifically for mums and easy to bring bubba along with me. Love that it incorporates normal workout methods too, so we get a real sweat on!

Laura Walker

Susan is a beautiful soul inside and out who has re-inspired my enthusiasm for exercise and well-being. The casual sessions are awesome for busy family life, or take part in a challenge for added accountability, best thing ever!

Lisa Rendall

Absolutely obsessed! I started with Susan as very overweight, very unfit & very unconfident person… three months down the track and I am feeling so much healthier so much fitter and 16kgs down with many to go. Susan is such a lovely soul she helps you in so many ways where you don’t feel embarrassed you have fun and learn your body’s strengths. Go MBL all the way all I can say is take that step forward and go for it ! You won’t look back I promise Susan is your key to success in healthy living!

Ashley Cosford

Susan has created an incredible tribe at MBL – she is literally the most amazing trainer andhuman. All we have to do is get on our glad rags and our cars know the way there, it’s magic. Susan is so inspiring and supportive and cares wholeheartedly about her ladies. She pushes her MBL tribe gently but surely with well planned workouts and doesn’t let us work substandard. I am so thankful for Susan and how exercise and fitness through MBL has changed my lifestyle – not to mention the incredible ladies I’ve met that I sweat and laugh alongside.

Kirstie de Farias

Susan is so awesome – I started out with her quite a while back now as PT sessions and in group sessions and she truly listens, is really interested in helping, sets amazing workouts, does little workshops along the way, sometimes there are dogs to pat (yay!), a great bunch of chilled relaxed ladies to workout with, a great variety of times and an easy way to book and she really just GETS it! You will love her like we all do! So happy to have discovered her!.

Fiona Coupland

Picture this: an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and professional fitness coach. The most supportive, kind and genuine ladies encouraging you. Lovely plants, and sometimes some cute dogs to pat. Now stop picturing and come join us! You will get results, and have the best time doing it, surrounded and supported by the best people!! I have been to far to many gyms in my lifetime, but nothing compares to Mind Body Liberation! Ive never actually been this excited to get in my car, and go to class!

Megan McDowell