To revive  means “to give new strength and energy” and I think this is just what we need team.

So, let’s reconnect!

Let’s get back to regular workouts!

Let’s get fitter, stronger and trimmer than before!

Not only will this challenge revive your motivation for getting back in the gym regularly but it will empower you with the knowledge, tips and tricks that will enable long term change.

I’ll be hooking you up with some key info on:

  • creating habits that last
  • dropping body fat
  • nutrition
  • upping metabolism
  • breaking old habits
  • stress management

All of these things are the fundamentals of executing on regular exercise, eating well and managing your mental health.

Challenges typically provide the motivation that helps you stick to your guns for the 4, 6 or 8 weeks BUT the habits go out the window afterwards if accountability is the only tool you have in your tool box.


So yes, let’s absolutely get moving, let’s have fun but let’s get into the real juicy stuff too. The things you need to know that enable LONG TERM CHANGE.


Throughout the 6 weeks you’ll need to be committed to working out a minimum of 3 x per week (2 of which need to be in the gym)

You need to be open to learning, looking inward a wee bit and also making an effort to implement the strategies I’m sharing with you.

  • This challenge will start and end with a weigh in, measurements and photos.
  • There will be strength and fitness tracking at the beginning and the end.
  • And I’m very excited to teach some new skills and movements with 2 free workshops available to attend with Taryn and I within the 6 weeks. This means those of you who’re ready to challenge yourselves can get frothy with some new things such as our Olympic lifts.
  • Throughout the 6 weeks you’re inevitably going to gain more energy, get fitter, stronger and leaner so we’re going to bring ALL of this together for an end of challenge teams event.
  • It‘ll be a morning of fun fitness where you can use team work and tactics to come out on top  (this is optional but trust me, it’ll be 100% inclusive and an absolute blast)

We’ll finish with a bit of a celebration and prize giving for the event and some prizes and recognition for individual achievements from the challenge.

It’s quite exciting that Taryn and I will both be involved in this challenge. Not only in the organising and content but in participating too.

I hope this has got you feeling as amped and motivated as we are.

Fill in your details below to let me know that YOU ARE IN!

This 6 week challenge is $90 per person and can be paid in full on commencement or two parts at the beginning and mid way.